Here are a couple quick answers to questions you may have about our work on the Lopez Adobe. If there’s something you want to find out that we haven’t addressed here, please leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to get you an answer!

Q. Is the Lopez Adobe open to the public? 

A. Unfortunately, the adobe is currently closed for viewing, but this is only temporary. The house will reopen to the public in the near future, although a definite date has not been set yet. Please check back often for updates, and we’ll be sure to post when our grand reopening will be.

Q. Where is the Lopez Adobe located? 

The Lopez Adobe still occupies its original piece of land, and can currently be found at the corner of Pico Street and South Maclay Avenue right by St. Ferdinand’s Catholic Church in San Fernando, California.

Q. When was the Lopez Adobe built? 

A. Construction began on the adobe in 1882 and finished in 1883. To learn more about the history of the home and the Lopez family, click here to read one of our more detailed posts.

Q. Is the adobe haunted? 

A. We have conflicting reports on this, but the general consensus is that the adobe is ghost free. However, there have been reports of mysterious happenings around the house, particularly on the stairwell…click here to read more about a potentially ghostly encounter.

Q. What is actually going on inside that house right now?! 

A. The Lopez Adobe is currently getting a much needed face lift and has been enjoying the attention of a team of curators, archivists, conservators, historians, and dedicated volunteers to revamp the house’s interior. This includes everything from cleaning and repairing to organizing the adobe’s vast collection of books and documents. We hope to present the public with our finished work some time soon, and will be offering up the adobe as a window into the past through which visitors can get a real sense of the passage of time both in this historic home and in the city of San Fernando as well.

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