Project Team:
Cara Varnell and Irena Calinescu, conservators and project leaders
Paul Spitzzeri – Historian
Daryl Maxwell – Archivist
Massiel Bobadilla – Database assistant and blog design
Lynn Bathke – Assistant Textile Conservator
Cynthia Eastright and Katy Crowe – Conservation Technicians
Emily Golan and Rio Lopez– Pre-program Conservation Interns

Richard Arroyo – President of Friends of the Lopez Adobe
Federico Ramirez – City Planner, City of San Fernando


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Daniel Penney

    My name is Daniel Penney, grandson of Louise Penney, the woman who sold the Lopez Adobe to the City of San Fernando. I have in my possession a sword that my grandmother said belonged to Geronimo Lopez and was used in seeking terms from General Fremont. Family legend tells that Fremont took a shine to young Geronimo and let him keep his sword.

    Do you have any idea how I would go about authenticating the sword and it’s history?

    • Hi Daniel, I left a comment for you on the Lopez Adobe Facebook page, so check that out. Thanks for the comment and come back and see what else we have to share.

  2. Lynn Adams

    I may have solved your question as to who Jose and Ramona Lopez were in the 1851 census although ages don’t mesh very well, but the names are all the same. Maria Ramona Lopez (Bap10/22/1810-SG04573) married Esteban Sanchez. They had 3 sons who match the boys named in the 1851 census: Jose Antonio Felipe Sanchez, Francisco de Sales Sanchez, and Estevan de los Angeles Sanchez. They are not Catalina’s brothers. Her brothers are Valentin Antonio Lopez Pedro Miguel Lopez. Maria Ramona Lopez is the daughter of Juan Bautista Lopez and Maria Dolores Salgado. Maria Ramona married her second husband, Jose Antonio Crisanto Lopez on 5/14/1847 (SGL02019). However, they sure got the ages wrong. Maria Ramona would have been 41, Jose Antonio would have been 24, Francisco would have been 20, Estevan would have been 15. Juan Bautista Lopez was my 4x-great grandfather.

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